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Sooo for those of you reading this! ...I know its few if any but I feel like keeping a little diary here even if its only for me.


Im currently working on the character libraries for my "Jode" and "Andy" characters. Since theres going to be quite a bit more action in the next episode I figured I'd get all the grunt work done and make an extensive number of symbols for both characters in an attempt to avoid frame by frame animation just about as much as possible. sad i know. BUT! once I finish the character libraries I will be able to use them over and over again from episode to episode which should make things go a whole lot faster!

I'm not saying I won't EVER do frame by frame but I kinda suck at it so I plan to keep that to a minimum at least for now.

I've finished the basic "Jode" library and I'm starting now to work on the "Andy"

(Andy is my little brother in real life so Ima try to get him to do the voice cuz it sounds just a little dumb for me to do both of them!)

Anyways...I got a new Wacom tablet for christmas and I'm psyched about it! I'll start using it in my work once I get halfway decent at it.

Hope you had a good Christmas! ...or Kwanza...or whatever. I'll continue to keep whoever is interested updated!

Lata :-)

Janitor Joe - Episode 2!

2009-12-24 05:14:01 by freedumbring

I'm currently working on the second installment of my little Janitor Joe series and I'm working mainly right now on breaking up the two main characters into symbols and what not. I hope to finish the project quickly, and I assume it will go faster once I do all the set up for actually animating!

I don't expect people to actually read this but if you are reading it...your frakkin awesome!

G'night Newgrounds!